Imagery with “The Pretzel Activity”

Today we talked about how we can imagery in our writing. In particular, we talked about ways that we can appeal to our five senses — sight, sound, taste, touch and smell.

Each group of students was given a handful of pretzels. For our first sense (sight), students spent a minute and a half silently reflecting on the appearance of their pretzel, and writing down their observations.

Responses included: “It is curved like a snake.”  “It is the color of sunburned skin.”  “It gleams like gold, with a crystal formation.”


We repeated our observations with the remaining four senses — sound, smell, touch, and most importantly — taste!


An excerpt from our class paragraph: “It makes a crunchy, swishing sound when rubbed together. It’s crunchy like fall leaves when shaken. A buttery scent like kettle corn, the sharp blade of salt. The salt melts on your tongue, and the bread becomes mush as you chew. It tastes like a burning fire with lots of smoke.”